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A Must-Have Essential Oils Resource

If you are new to the essential oils world or ready to learn more and be better prepared to address anything that comes into your life on a daily basis, you need to equip yourself with the Modern Essentials Book. This book comes in a book form, which I LOVE because I am old fashioned and like to have physical pages to turn as I read. However, for those of you who like your apps, you can also get this book in app form for $6.99 from Google Play for Androids or the Apple App Store for iphones or other idevices.

This book explains how to safely use essential oils. It also talks about individual essential oils and explains their uses and gives scientific evidence for the uses. It also talked about essential oil blends. It uses generic names for the blends, but if you would like to know a name brand name for any of those blends, just contact me. I will provide you with a handy generic vs name brand pdf for your reference. The book also discusses many natural products available that have essential oils in them. My favorite part of the book is the section where you can look up various illnesses or physical or emotional complaints and get essential oil recommendations to help support those various issues. The final section of the book provides the science behind the essential oils, which is very important to me, perhaps because I am a nurse or perhaps because I am driven by research and scientific evidence. The back of the book provides a handy reference for which oils are safe for topical, internal, and aromatic use and for what types of people. It also gives a quick summary of what the oils are used for and tells you how much dilution to use for topical application.

I lovingly refer to this book as my "Essential Oils Bible." Just as the Bible provides all of the information necessary for all aspects of life, the Modern Essentials Book provides you with all information necessary for using essential oils in all aspects of life. It makes using essential oils easy for any type of user with any background. My kids have used the book themselves to figure out what oil they needed for a certain issue. It's that simple!

If you don't have this book or app, I highly recommend it. It empowers you to be a savvy and safe essential oils user. It helps you to be ready for anything that may come up in your household on any given day. You will be an essential oil expert with this book or app in your hand!

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