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Fear & Anxious feelings Diffuser Blend

This past summer, my oldest was struggling with fears and anxious feelings about starting 6th grade. Of course, it came to a head at bedtime one night making it hard for him to settle down and let his fears go.

I experimented with a diffuser blend I formulated based on information I found on essential oils that help support a person with fears and feelings of anxiety.

The diffuser blend worked well allowing my son to settle, fall asleep, and have a great night's sleep waking up feeling much better, less fearful, and less overwhelmed.

Here's my Fear & Anxious feelings Diffuser Blend if you would like to give it a try for yourself or a family member:

3 drops Lavender (anxious feelings and fear)

2 drops Cypress (fear)

2 drops Cassia (fear)

2 drops Basil (anxious feelings)

A diffuser is a great way to get the beneficial, therapeutic qualities of essential oils into the air so that all present can benefit.

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