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We provide full Midwifery Care including:

  • Prenatal Care provided in office

    • Initial visit around 12 weeks of pregnancy

    • Monthly visits from 12-28 weeks

    • Every 2 week visits from 28-36 weeks

    • Weekly visits from 36 weeks until birth

    • Standard testing including: OB Panel, Gestational Diabetes, Group B Strep, orders provided for ultrasound

  • Home Birth

    • We arrive when you are in late active stage of labor but are in touch with you by phone prior to that.

    • Birth in the setting of your choice (water or land, floor or bed)

    • Initial breastfeeding and bonding support

    • Newborn Exam

    • We usually stay for 2-4 hours after birth to provide initial postpartum support

  • Postpartum care

    • 24-48 hour visit in home (including metabolic screen, Pulse oximetry screen to rule out heart defects, and a hearing screen (may be done at 2 week visit)

    • 2 and 6 week visits in office

We provide Other Woman Care services:

  • Fertility Counseling

  • Well Woman Health Check-ups

  • PAP testing

Our Philosophy

We believe that birth is a natural process and treat it as so.  While birth goes smoothly most of the time, we are prepared for the complexities of birth that can come up and are ready to address them.  We firmly believe in mother-driven midwifery care recognizing that our role as a midwife is to come alongside of a pregnant woman supporting her and giving her the necessary information to make informed decisions for herself and her baby.  We believe a woman has the right to choose what tests or interventions she wants for herself and her baby.  

We spend time getting a thorough history to determine the safety of proceeding with a home birth.  We also use prenatal visits to counsel our clients to know how to keep their pregnancies low risk to help prevent an unexpected transfer.

We maintain certification in CPR (Cardiopulmunary Resuscitation) and NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) and have the necessary equipment at births to deal with birth emergencies.

We use herbs, essential oils, and homeopathics to help support birth, if needed.

We allow dads to catch their babies, if desired.

We have relationships with local hospitals to help facilitate needed transfers during pregnancy or birth.

We have great relationships with many local doulas and encourage the use of doulas for birth to help support a laboring woman until it is time for the midwife to come to the birth.

We do offer VBACs (Vaginal Birth after Cesarian), vaginal breech birth, and twin birth under the right circumstances and with informed consent.  A second midwife is present for all breech and twin births.


Full Midwifery Service Package Price:

$5,000 (1st vaginal birth)

$4,500 (2nd+ vaginal birth)

Full Midwifery Service Package for Breech:

$5,000 (2+vaginal birth)/$5,500 (1st vaginal birth)


Full Midwifery Service Package for Twins:

$5,600 (2+vaginal birth)/$6,100 (1st vaginal birth)

We offer a $100 discount if paid in full by 36 weeks.  We also offer a discount if you hire a doula ($200) for your first vaginal birth.

A $500 down payment is expected at the 2nd visit.  You may then pay monthly or half by 28 weeks and the remainder by the initial postpartum visit.  While we can't bill insurance directly, some insurances are starting to offer reimbursement for home birth, so we can provide you with a global fee invoice to submit, if your insurance accepts it.

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