Karen Daly, MS, CCC-SLP
Christine Russell, BS, RN

Christine has a real heart for helping others.  Not only does she care for her own two boys with special needs, but she works part time as a special needs pediatric nurse for Bayada Pediatrics helping families care for their medically fragile babies and children.  In addition, Christine has done Doula work on the side because one of her passions has always been assisting with childbirth.  


Christine is a musician and uses her abilities in the community as well as in her church.  Her hobbies include: missions work (local & foreign), cooking/baking, playing the piano, playing games, scrapbooking, writing, reading, and working with horses.


For more information about Christine and her family, visit her blog: Answering the Call.


Fun Facts about Christine:

  1. She has a habit of picking up parasites or illnesses in almost every foreign country she has been to for missions work.

  2. When younger, she had a reputation of breaking the same bone twice.

  3. Christine has retired from her life of playing pranks on people - maybe!


Karen is excited about sharing the success she has had with essential oils as well as empowering others to take control of their own health through the use of essential oils, healthy eating, and fitness. She is newly married and enjoys spending time with her husband (who is learning more and more about essential oils everyday!). Karen is a pediatric speech-language pathologist with Nemours Children's Health System in Wilmington, Delaware.


Outside of her full time work, Karen loves dancing, reading, being crafty (the latest phase: cross stitching), and being involved in her church.


Fun Facts about Karen:

1. In 2012, Karen was on the Steve Harvey Show with a cardio-tap program that she teaches.

2. She is incapable of traveling without some sort of disaster-- traffic, delayed flights, missed busses, you name it. Seriously. She has friends who won't travel with her anymore.

3. Karen loves playing board games and has an entire bookshelf dedicated to games.

Jim and Christine have been married since 1994. They have 3 kids, all girls, one of which is on her own while the other two are still at home and in college. They also have a fur kid (dog) named Caesar, who was an addition to the family in December of 2014. Christine originally pursued the use of essential oils because of her desire to go all natural with her health management. Jim quickly got on board after putting the oils to a challenge regarding some of his health issues. Needless to say, the oils improved his condition.


Both Jim and Christine have a real desire to see people with real issues get the help they need in an all-natural formula. They are quickly learning of the benefits of essential oils. Jim is devoting his time to learning about the science of how the oils perform and how to make essential oil blends properly. Both Jim and Christine have been sharing the benefits of using essential oils with others. Two of their daughters are already reaping the benefits of essential oils, as well as several people from their place of employment. Even Caesar has experienced the benefits of essential oils! Jim & Christine both love sharing their experiences and are both eager to answer any questions regarding essential oils, and as a husband and wife team, they represent a powerful dynamic duo for our Balanced Essential Living team.


Fun facts about Jim and Christine.


1. Christine really doesn't like to cook, but thank God Jim does! However, Christine loves to bake for which Jim is very thankful!

2. Jim and Christine work together at the same company and are usually always hanging together. They are truly attached at the hip!

3. Some of their favorite things to do are hanging together as a family when possible, being involved in church, and hosting get togethers at their home.

Jim & Christine Paster

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We have a growing team of brilliant Wellness Advocates.  With our varied backgrounds, we collectively bring a varied wealth of knowledge and experiences to help others gain control of their health.

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