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Christine Russell, Midwife
Pediatrician Examining Infant
Birth Assistant

Christine has a heart for helping others.  Not only is she a full-time midwife, but she cares for her own two teenage boys who have had special needs since they were babies.  Before becoming a midwife, Christine was a Registered Nurse for 9 years working as a Special Needs Pediatric Home Health Nurse helping families care for their medically fragile babies and children in their homes with the goal of keeping them out of the hospital.  She also ran her own business providing Wellness Consults and Essential Oil Education.  During that time, Christine was a doula (birth assistant) part time to allow her to assist with the childbirth process.  


Christine's hobbies include: missions work (local & foreign), cooking/baking, playing the piano, playing games, scrapbooking, writing, reading, and working with horses.


For more information about Christine and her family, visit her blog: Answering the Call.


Fun Facts about Christine:

  1. She has a habit of picking up parasites or illnesses in almost every foreign country she has been to for missions work.

  2. When younger, she had a reputation of breaking the same bone twice.

  3. Christine has retired from her life of playing pranks on people - well, maybe!


Pediatrician Examining Infant
Birth Assistant
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