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Empowered to Be Ready for Anything

As a mother, I work so hard to protect my family and help my children be the best they can be. One of the most frustrating things I face is the feeling of helplessness to ease their pain or suffering or help make life easier for them. As a mom of 2 children with special needs, I used to struggle with this helpless feeling day in and day out sometimes being overwhelmed by the emotional pain of watching my children suffer and not being able to take their discomfort from them.

Two years ago, our family started using essential oils. As we began our journey of using natural solutions to help improve our health and well-being, I realized that my feelings of helplessness were fading away as I began to be confident in using nature's toolbox to support my family. Instead of watching hopelessly as my children suffered, I felt empowered knowing that I held in my hand a gift from God from His creation that could help my child.

Essential oils don't cure, treat, or heal. They powerfully support the body to do what God created it to do. By using essential oils for my family to support their bodies, I am helping them to live a healthier and whole life. The transformation that our family has experienced over the past 2 years is astounding, and we give God the glory for it.

My life has been made so much easier having these natural tools in these wonderful amber bottles and using them to support my children and their needs. My fears and concerns for my children have been alleviated seeing the improvement in their health and general well-being. My feelings of helplessness are a thing of the past! I am a mom EMPOWERED to BE READY for ANYTHING! Who wants to join me?

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