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Natural Solutions for Stage 3 Labor

Congratulations on the birth of your precious bundle of joy! If you think Labor is over, you are mistaken, but the worst is behind you, so relax and enjoy that precious baby scent and the feel of your baby in your arms!

Many people don't realize there is a Stage 3 in Labor. Did you know there is even a Stage 4?

Stage 3 Labor: Delivery of the Placenta

What is happening - You will experience a few more contractions as your body expels the placenta. You may feel a warm gush of fluid/tissue as the placenta is delivered.

What you can do - If you have the blessing of having your baby on your chest or are attempting to nurse for the first time, chances are, you will be more preoccupied with your precious bundle of joy rather than the contractions. You may feel the urge to push - do so to allow effective delivery of placenta. Go with your body on this one and don't let your doctor rush this process to ensure no complications. Nursing your baby will actually help with this process.

Natural Solution Ideas:

  • If your body seems to be holding onto the placenta and not contracting, feel free to apply some Clary Sage onto your lower abdomen.

  • Continue natural solution ideas from Stage 1 labor for comfort, energy, mood/emotions.

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