Do You Want a Wellness Revolution?

In light of the fact that World Health is celebrated annually during the month of April, I have joined the efforts of the American Recall Center to spread awareness of medication education and help educate people so that they can make informed medical decisions as they work with their doctors in honor of World Health Day. As a Registered Nurse, I have seen many adverse side effects from drugs, even those that were properly prescribed. I have worked with patients who were on drugs to help control the side effects of other drugs. As a patient, I have had multiple allergic reactions to drugs, so my allergy drug list is quite extensive. As a mother, I have experienced the pain and frustrati

Naturally Supporting the Body and its Function

Yesterday, I received the best blood test results ever! For 8 years, since giving birth to my youngest child, I have struggled with chronic anemia (low iron in my blood) despite my doctor's attempt to find a cause. I have taken a prescription iron pill ever since to help keep my anemia under control. I've had multiple blood tests done throughout the years to keep an eye on my levels. Sometimes, even with the iron pill, my hemoglobin or hematocrit have been low. Other times, they will be within normal limits but my iron stores have been depeleted. I've never not been iron-deficient despite all of the iron rich foods that I eat and the 90mg of iron I take in my prescription pill. In Janu

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