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Do You Want a Wellness Revolution?

In light of the fact that World Health is celebrated annually during the month of April, I have joined the efforts of the American Recall Center to spread awareness of medication education and help educate people so that they can make informed medical decisions as they work with their doctors in honor of World Health Day.

As a Registered Nurse, I have seen many adverse side effects from drugs, even those that were properly prescribed. I have worked with patients who were on drugs to help control the side effects of other drugs. As a patient, I have had multiple allergic reactions to drugs, so my allergy drug list is quite extensive. As a mother, I have experienced the pain and frustration of dealing with drug reactions or harmful side effects of drugs as well as vaccines for my two special needs children. I am not anti-drugs. If I were, I would need to stop being a nurse. I am, however, a huge advocate of people making informed medical decisions after doing thorough research on their own before starting a new drug or receiving a vaccine. The pro’s and con’s need to be weighed thoroughly to make sure the benefits outweigh the costs. In addition, I am a huge advocate of using natural means to promote a healthy lifestyle to support current disease and illnesses and preventing others from developing. That is why I became a Wellness Advocate so that I can educate others to take control of their health.

In nursing school, I learned about the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising. In practice, I am not seeing much of that being carried out nor proper education from doctors about this issue. America is more about treating disease and illness rather than preventing it. Doctors are quick to prescribe medications rather than help the person change their health habits. In addition, it is becoming harder and harder to eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients because so much of the food available to us is either processed, thus losing its nutritional value, or has been genetically modified causing digestive issues, allergies, and decreased nutritional value. Fresh foods are contaminated with pesticides, and meats are injected with steroids and antibiotics. Our bodies are being filled with additional toxins that lead to disease and illness. Also, in a technological era where we hide behind our smart phones and computers, we are not getting the exercise our bodies need or sun and fresh air to be healthy. America needs a wellness revolution where we change the way we treat disease and start preventing it.

For me and my family, we have been on our own wellness revolution over this past year plus.

  1. We eat organic and locally grown foods as much as possible making sure we are balanced in our fruit, vegetable, protein, grain, and fat intake.

  2. We exercise as regularly as possible. We really enjoy going on family walks or hikes together to not just exercise but strengthen our relationships with each other.

  3. We take all-natural and whole food vitamin, nutrient, and omega 3 supplements that were made based on scientific research for what our bodies need. These supplements are bio-available which means they are already broken down so that the body doesn’t have to waste time and energy breaking them down, and the body can use it in its entirety. These supplements have given us increased energy and stamina, helped us stay healthy and fight germs, and increased our ability to focus and function because our bodies are getting the nutrients needed to function optimally. For more information, click here and here.

  4. We take a pro-biotic that was ingeniously made to give us the maximum probiotic amount with a pre-biotic formula present to keep the probiotics from dying off. In addition, they are a capsule within a capsule so that they get to the small intestine where they are needed the most. Having a healthy gut is so important for disease prevention. For more information, click here.

  5. We use 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils to support our health and bodies. Extracted from plants grown in their natural environment and protected from pesticides and contaminants, we use the immune system of the plant to help our bodies be well. Nature produces it, we use it, and our bodies are able to function and heal themselves. Because it’s completely natural, we don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.

  6. We keep up with our routine wellness visits with our doctors to make sure we are staying on top of our health and addressing issues that may come up as soon as possible. If a problem arises, and we can’t address it naturally, we will go to the doctor for recommendations but do thorough research before making a final decision regarding the doctor’s recommendations. If the benefits outweigh the costs, and all alternatives have been considered, we then will take a recommended drug.

This is something that everyone can do for themselves and their families. It’s time for YOU to make a wellness revolution. Be empowered and take control of your health. Start with yourself and your family then join me in educating others to improve health around the world!

If you would like my assistance in starting your wellness revolution or if you would like to get the all-natural supplements and probiotics or essential oils, contact me at or 610-286-6777. When contacting me, use the phrase "Wellness Revolution" to get a free wellness consult.

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