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Natural Immune System Support

This Fall, I launched a Wellness Challenge for nurses and teachers, people who are most exposed to germs. I particpiated in the challenge along with a nurse and a teacher.

While the teacher didn't seem to notice much of a difference in her ability to fight off germs, the nurse (pediatric nurse in a doctor's office) and I saw huge results! Both of us remained healthy during the challenge, and when we felt run down or were exposed to germs, we protected ourselves further and were successful in warding off illness.

I used to be susceptible to illness, particularly colds. Being a mom of 2 special needs boys and a pediatric nurse part time, I have a lot of stress in my life and lots of opportunities to be exposed to germs. In 2013, I was getting a cold almost every month, and each time I got a cold, the infection always went to my lungs resulting in bronchitis or an asthma flare, and sometimes both. Often, I would have about a week where I felt good before I came down with another cold. It was very frustrating. We started using essential oils in the Spring of 2014. I noticed that I was staying healthy, and my cold frequency went from monthly to 2 colds since that Spring with the last one being Spring 2015! This Fall, I began the wellness challenge by taking a beadlet form of a protective essential oil blend internally daily. When I felt like I was getting sick or was knowingly exposed to germs, I took a softgel that contained a few immune boosting oils in it. My family did not do the wellness challenge with me. Interestingly enough, within the first week back to school, both boys and my husband ended up with a respiratory infection. I am usually one of the first to get sick, but i was the only one in the family who remained healthy. Last month, my husband and oldest child got sick with a bad respiratory infection, and once again, despite the stress of the holiday season, I stayed healthy.

My youngest son has an immune disorder which used to cause him to be sick with 1-3 bacterial infections monthly. I was giving him antibody transfusions to help him be able to fight illness, and he was on a prophylactic antibiotic. Then in 2013, he stopped the antibiotic to see if the transfusions would be enough. Shortly after that, we began using essential oils. Within a few months of no infections, my son's immune specialist told us to stop the transfusions over the summer so that we could get an accurate blood count in the Fall then resume the transfusions. Well, for the first time, his blood test results showed that he was producing his own antibodies for the first time. As a result, we have not had to resume the transfusions. My son has yet to get sick with a bacterial infection, and his few and infrequent respiratory infections have been mild and never cross over to a secondary bacterial infection like they used to. Last school year, he was the healthiest kid in his class for the first time ever!

Essential oils are a great, safe, and natural way to boost your immune system function. By supporting your body, you allow your body to do what it was created to do - heal iteself and support health! If you want to learn more about naturally supporting your immune system, attend one of my Natural Immune System Support Webinars I am hosting this month and next! Click on the dates below to register for the webinar. Space is limited!


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