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Natural Solutions for Stage 1 Labor: Phase 1

So you know you are in labor! Now what? Some women have a sudden sense of panic. Others might be overjoyed that their pregnancy is just about over. Many have increased feelings of anxiety and fear wondering if they can really do this. No matter your reaction, you can be prepared mentally for the task at hand and also use great natural solutions to support you through this exciting but anxiety-provoking time.

Stage 1 Labor has 3 different phases: Latent Stage, Active Stage, and Transition. I will break each phase down in its own blog post.

Phase 1 - Latent Stage

What is happening - Mild to moderate contractions 5-30 minutes apart are helping you to dilate 0-3 cm. This may happen over several days without your truly being aware of it or last on average 6-8 hours.

What you can do - If at night, try to sleep. If during day, have a light nutritious meal, stay well hydrated with water, take a walk, talk to a friend, rest, and remain upright unless resting to help make contractions more effective. Void every 2 hours when awake to prevent a full bladder from allowing the baby's head to descend effectively.

Resting/relaxation activities - Massage, sleep, watch a movie/TV, read a book.

Natural Solution Ideas

  • Diffuse Lavender or Grounding Blend along with Wild Orange to create a calming/soothing atmosphere.

  • Have partner massage the Massage Blend or Soothing Blend into the back, neck, and shoulders.

  • Diffuse the Restful Blend or apply to bottoms of the feet or back of the neck to promote sleep, decrease stress, calm nerves, and create an overall sense of well-being.

If you would like to know more about these oils or oil blends and where to get them, contact me.

To learn about Phase 2 of Stage 1 Labor, click here.

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