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Essential Oils and Guinea Pigs

I love that essential oils help to support our bodies, and I also love that they can also help pets.

I wanted to share with you a testimonial of how we were able to help one of our guinea pigs get healthy again.

I noticed our guinea pig Faith was acting sick on Thursday, July 30. She was contanly lying down and not eating. I started diffusing the Protective Blend right away. The next day, I brought her to the vet (since my research the night before said often, once you see them showing signs of sickness, it's really serious and perhaps too late for treatment). By the time the vet saw her, she had perked up and started to eat. The vet was happy with how she was acting but wondering, given my descriptions and her physical exam, if Faith had a bladder or uterine infection (she had babies at the beginning of May) since she seemed tender. She put Faith on an antibiotic. On Saturday, I stopped diffusing the Protective Blend because I figured I'd let the antibiotic do its job. After all, she's just a guinea pig, so I didn't want to be wasting my oils on her. By Monday, she was losing weight again and not eating. I started diffusing the Protective Blend again on Tuesday and added Lemon because she seemed to be depressed - not even responding to us when we held her or talked to her. At that point, she had even stopped drinking, so we were trying to force hand feed her and were giving her oral syringes filled with water. Within 2 days of diffusing those 2 oils, she started eating again, and by Friday (8/7) she started drinking. I continued to diffuse those oils, and on Saturday (8/8), I had to refill her hay twice, she had an empty pellet bowl, and her water bottle was drained dry. She also gained over an ounce (which is HUGE) within 24 hours. I continued to diffuse those 2 oils the next week, and by August 9, we put her back in with our other 2 female guinea pigs because we felt that she was well enough.

By the end of the month, she was back up to her normal weight and now is slightly above. She is the active, loving, adorable guinea pig we all fell in love when we first got her in April 2015. We believe that the essential oils helped save her life, and we praise God that she is alive and well.

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