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Managing Bi-Polar Naturally

As part of my Mood Management class, I discuss essential oils that are helpful for managing Bi-polar. Since my son struggles with Bi-polar, this condition is close to my heart.

This is what I recommend.

1. 3 Pack All-natural Supplements - Consisting of a Food Nutrient Complex (multi-vitamin), Essential Oil Omega supplement, and a Cellular Vitality Complex, these 3 supplements are a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients and essential oils that are necessary for the body to be well. This has been a transformer product for our son. These supplements are super anti-flammatory in nature, restore the body's cells at the cellular level, and they are bioavailable which means that you swallow them, and the body instantly uses them where they are needed. The body doesn't have to waste time and energy breaking them down because they are already broken down ready for the body to use. The science behind these supplements are brilliant! I really believe that these supplements provide the basis for the body to heal, particularly when it comes to mood. These supplements should be taken daily. An adult dose is typically 2-4 of each supplement daily. Many people like to break up the dose and take some with breakfast and the rest with either lunch or dinner. You may even find that 1 of each is enough for you. Do what works best for your body. The supplements come with enough capsules for a month's supply if you take 4 a day.

2. Grounding Blend - This essential oil blend helps to regulate mood and hormones. It calms and grounds you and helps with feelings of disconnection, instability, feeling scattered, and irresponsiblity. Apply 1 drop on the bottom of each foot or on wrists 2-3 times each day. You can also diffuse a few drops in a room. Target the bottoms of your big toes which is your brain center in reflexology.

3. Frankincense - This powerhouse oil is so important for the nervous system especially since it can cross the blood-brain barrier to get to the source of the problem. It also improves immune function and mental fatigue and increases Increases memory. When used with Lavender and Peppermint, it calms stress and tension effectively. Frankincense also enhances the therapeutic effects of the other oils. Apply 1-2 drops to bottoms of feet or use internally to support nervous and immune systems. Apply to the bottoms of feet or back of neck and spine to calm nerves and decrease any inflammation in system. When in doubt, use Frankincense!

4. Two other oils you may want to add to your daily regimen are Clary Sage and Detoxification Blend. Clary Sage is a great hormone balancing oil. Often, the bi-polar shifts are caused by hormonal imbalances. You can apply Clary Sage to the bottoms of the feet and also just below the inside ankles 1-2 times daily to help with mood and hormonal management. The Detoxification Blend helps to detoxify the system and also help with hormonal and emotional balance. Apply 1-2 drops of oil to the bottoms of the feet and/or take 3-5 drops of oil in capsules once daily. There are even Detoxification blend capsules avaialable for purchase if you'd rather take the capsule and not have to deal with the oil or you can use the oil and the capsules together for an even greater benefit.

Addressing the Phases of Bi-Polar

Manic Phase oils

•Calming Blend/Lavender - use aromatically and/or topically for a calming and sedative effect; helps promote sleep

•Invigorating Blend - Use aromatically for calming and sedative effect

•Vetiver - Use aromatically and topically to help ground and calm your body; also has a sedative effect

•Ylang Ylang - Use aromatically and topically to help with hormonal balance, calming, fear, relaxation, tension, exhaustion; also has a sedative effect

Depressive Phase oils

•Joyful Blend - Use aromatically and topically to alleviate depression and uplift mood (can apply right over heart as well as to bottoms of feet or back of neck)

•Orange - Use aromatically and topically to alleviate depression and uplift the mood

Supporting the Body

Cycling is tough on the body. Your body builds up toxins at is responds to the stress in your body. This can compromise the immune system making you prone to illness. Drink Lemon essential oil in your water daily to help detoxify your system, give you energy, and alleviate anxiety and depression. Detoxification Blend mentioned above will also help detoxify your system. Boost your immune system and protect your body from germs by using the Protection Blend daily topically or internally.

Eat a well balanced, healthy diet. Stay away from processed foods and refined sugars. If you find yourself eating to feed your emotions, try using the Metabolic Blend internally or topically to supress your appetite.

Exercise! You won't feel like it, but make yourself do some form of exercise whether it is going out for a quick walk (even just around the block) or using the treadmill or even doing yoga.

Don't lose hope and don't give up! Work with your doctor to implement these wellness choices to your plan of care. Never stop medication without the direction of your doctor. It is possible to decrease medications or even discontinue medications by following this protocol or one similar, but you never want to cut back or stop medication without talking with your doctor first. Work together as a team to improve your health and wellness! YOU CAN DO IT!

Note: I only recommend that you use certified pure essential oils.

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