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Natural Focus and Concentration Support

As a mother of a child who suffers with ADHD and a special needs pediatric nurse with patients who suffer with ADHD, I understand first hand how problematic the symptoms can be and how toxic the drugs used to treat the symptoms are.

I am happy to have found essential oils that we use topically or aromatically to help my son be more focused and calmer and help him stay on task so that he can be more successful in school and at home.

Currently we use a wonderful Focus Blend which is made up of the following essential oils:

Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood)




Ylang Ylang


My son applies the oil to the bottoms of his feet targeting his brain center (reflex point) which is the toe pad of his big toes. He also chooses to apply it to the back of his neck (especially if he has already put on his shoes and socks in preparation for school). He will sometimes choose to reapply at school if he feels that he needs it. Often, at school, he will simply apply it to his wrists or his thumb pads, which are the brain center reflex point on the hands that correspond to the reflex points on the feet.


Recently, I came across a study done on children with ADHD that showed significant results with Vetiver and some response with Cedarwood. As a result, I made a roll-on bottle with Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Lavender (help calm) to help with focus and attention that helps both of my sons focus on their work and helps my husband who easily gets distracted at work. Each family member has claimed that they feel more focused and grounded after applying the oils.

Another must oil for us is Frankincense because of it's powerful effect on the Nervous System and ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to target the problem right where it is. We have our son apply this oil every morning and evening as well.

Our son's teachers noticed a significant improvement in his focusing when we started using these oils. I had purposely not told them we were using oils to try to prove or disprove the "placebo effect." They noticed the difference almost immediately, and after seeing the change in him for four days questioned if I was doing anything different because he was a completely different child. We notice the difference at home as well. If he forgets to apply the oils, particularly the Focus Blend in the morning, he is off task, jittery, and unfocused.

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