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Balanced Essential Doula Services

How I Support

As a Doula or labor coach, I come alongside of expecting women to support them and assist them in achieving a memorable birth experience.  While the position of a Doula is non-clinical in nature, I bring a unique perspective as a doula because of my background as a Registered Nurse.  I customize my services to individually meet the desires and needs of each of my clients.  I can provide heavy support as the sole birthing support person or provide coaching to the spouse or other chosen support person to help the laboring woman achieve the goals of her Birth Plan.  I offer a full service package but also individual services so that a woman is free to choose my services based on what her support needs are.  


As owner of Balanced Essential Living, a business that strives to educate and empower people to live life to its fullest enjoying balance physically, emotionally, and psychologically through the use of essential oils and other natural solutions, I also can educate women how to safely and effectively use essential oils to support them in pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


I offer the additional service of post-delivery photography should the new family want the first precious moments together captured in pictures.  Photography happens to be a hobby I really enjoy that has slowly evolved into a side business of mine.


I live in Elverson, PA and service the surrounding areas in a 30 minute driving radius of my home but am willing to go farther than that on a case by case basis.

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Services Offered


Initial Interview

This initial meeting can be done in person or over the phone based on preference and location.  It is a chance for me to get to know you and you to get to know me.  You can ask me any questions, and we can discuss what you are looking for.  Should you chose to use any or all of my services, we will discuss the contract.  There are no obligations to you in this meeting, and I offer it free of charge to allow for you to get more information and decide whether I will be a good fit for you with what you need.


Prenatal Visits and Support

I will meet with you in person for a Birth Plan Visit to discuss what to expect during the labor process, any fears or questions that you may have, and help you write your birth plan.  


If at any time you have a question that can’t wait until the Birth Plan Visit or should a question arise after this visit, you will have access to speak with me via email or phone if you go with the full doula services package.


Many women would also like for me to attend an OB visit with them to meet their OB or midwife or help them discuss the birth plan.  I can do this visit, if desired.


An optional visit for an additional charge based on travel distance would be to join a woman for a tour of the facility where she will delivering.  


Labor Support/Caesarian Support

Depending on your desires for your labor, I can meet you at your house once labor is confirmed or meet you at the hospital.  


While you are in labor, I will help you manage your pain, rest, and help enhance the progress of labor by helping you to stay calm, relaxed, and focused.  I will help your support person be the best support for you.  I will help you understand what your body is doing in each stage to help ease any fears or anxieties along the way.


I will help you as you go into the delivery phase and bring that beautiful baby into this world.  Throughout the whole laboring process, I will ensure that the delivery staff are able to carry out your labor plan to help you have the best labor experience possible.


If you have a scheduled C-section, I can help support you as you go into the C-section.  Some physicians will allow me to be present if you so desire, but some may not.  Should the need arise for an unplanned C-section, I will also be able to support you through that as well whether I can remain present or not in the operating room.


Postpartum Support

For 1-2 hours (at your choice), I will remain to help you settle in with your new bundle of joy, assist with nursing (if you are choosing to do that), and help you in the early stages of recovery.


Postpartum Visit

In about 2-3 weeks after you deliver, I will come to visit you to give you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about your labor and delivery experience, to share how you are adjusting to your new baby, to ask any questions regarding nursing or early baby care or questions about yourself and your feelings, and to give you a chance to show off your precious baby.  Discussing your birth plan and how you feel things went goes a long way to help you come to acceptance with your labor and delivery experience and can often help ease or prevent feelings of sadness, guilt, or grief.

Additional Services Offered:


Essential Oil Support

Because I am an essential oil educator, I love to incorporate the use of essential oils in labor support.  Women have benefited greatly with the topical and aromatic support of oils during labor and delivery.  If a woman would like the addition of essential oils in her labor and delivery experience, I can provide that support with the woman’s request.  If a woman has her own essential oils that are certified pure and a diffuser, I can use her oils to support her at no additional cost.  If a woman does not have these and would like to get her own, I can help her get them at a wholesale cost.  If a woman does not have them and would like for me to use my own oils and diffuser, I can provide everything she needs for an additional $150.


Post-Delivery Photography

I will take pictures at birth or just after (mother’s preference) of the baby and family during the first hour.  I will provide you with a disc or flash drive of the pictures within a month of delivery and a sample of a few pictures emailed to you within a week post-delivery.



Prenatal Visit/Birth Plan Discussion - $150

Labor Support - $500 or $75/hour (whichever is less)

Planned C-section Support - $75/hour

Postpartum Support - included in labor support cost

Postpartum Visit - $ 30/hour

Full Doula Service Package - $600 (includes Prenatal Visit/Birth Plan Discussion, Availability for questions leading up to labor, Full labor support/C-section support, Postpartum support, and Postpartum visit)


Fees for Additional Services:

Essential Oil Support during labor using my oils and diffuser - $150

Post-Delivery Photography - $150


Payment Options:

All payment is by check or cash only.


With the signing of the contract, a deposit of 50% of the cost for services you have chosen will be due up front.  This can be paid in full at the time of the signed contract or can be done in monthly payments so that this 50% deposit is paid by the first of the month of the anticipated due date.  The remaining balance will be due within 30 days after delivery.


If you choose to cancel at any point, you will owe for any services provided at the regular rate plus a $50 cancellation fee.

Read testimonials about Christine's services.

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