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Who We Are


As a mom of two special needs children, I know how frustrating it is to feel helpless and stuck knowing I lack the tools to help my children be healthy.  As a registered nurse and also an essential oil educator, I bring a unique perspective to help people get control of your health naturally.  I have built a team of wellness advocates to help me radically change people's lives.

~ Christine Russell, RN, Owner of Balanced Essential Living

I lead a team of like-minded individuals who bring their own unique perspectives and have their own personal wellness journey stories.  Together, we are equipping our clients to live extraordinary lives naturally as we empower them to be successful in their individual wellness journeys.

It is our desire to equip each person we meet with the natural tools needed to gain control of their health.  If you are ready to get control of your life, contact us now!   


How Christine Became a Believer in Essential Oils

This video tells my story of how I started using essential oils for my family.


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