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Natural Solutions for Labor & Delivery & Beyond

Having worked in a maternity unit for 3 years as a volunteer and Certified Nursing Assistant, and doing doula work on the side for the last 4 years while being a pediatric nurse, I am very passionate about the topic of labor and delivery. I have always loved anything related to obstetrics and have desire to work in that field ever since deciding to go into the medical field as a teenager. After I got my Registered Nurse license, and after having an extra rotation in High Risk Obstetrics before graduating from nursing school, I have been unable to get into that field where I currently live. I settled with pediatric nursing instead to at least be able to still work with babies. I pray that someday, I can work in the field and eventually become a midwife.

In the meantime, I enjoy the opportunities to be a doula or birthing coach, and I absolutely love incorporating natural solutions to make the process even better for a mother. If you live in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region and would like for me to be your birthing coach or doula, feel free to contact me! I live about 45 minutes west of Philadelphia and 30 minutes east of Lancaster and 25 minutes southeast of Reading to give you an idea of my location. I have traveled as far as up to 2 hours to support a woman in labor, but I typically try to keep within an hour driving radius. For more information, see my doula services page.

I am really excited to do a blogging series on the various stages of labor and give helpful suggestions for making each stage a bit easier by using natural solutions mostly in the form of essential oils. In each blog post, I hope to educate a woman on what to expect in each stage, give suggestions of activities to do during each stage, and provide practical ways to incorporate essential oils and other natural solutions to support her in each stage.

Here is a listing of the Blog Posts to come on the exciting topic of Labor and Delivery and Beyond that you won't want to miss:

Note: The information I present in this blog series is based off of my nursing training, personal experience in my own labor and deliveries of my children, experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant and doula/birth coach and midwife, and an essential oils class I teach about pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Many of the natural solution recommendations and ideas come from Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond by Midwife Stephanie Fritz. For more great information from her, visit her website:

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