February 11, 2015

As part of my Mood Management class, I discuss essential oils that are helpful for managing Bi-polar.  Since my son struggles with Bi-polar, this condition is close to my heart.


This is what I recommend.


1.  3 Pack All-natural Supplements - Consisting of a Food Nutrient Complex (multi-vitamin), Essential Oil Omega supplement, and a Cellular Vitality Complex, these 3 supplements are a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients and essential oils that are necessary for the body to be well.  This h...

January 22, 2015

In the last year, I have gone from a huge essential oil skeptic, to a desperate-to-try-anything-user, to an avid user, to an excited promoter and educator of essential oils.  If that isn't a transformation in and of itself, allow me to share about the transformation essential oils have made in our son who struggles with Autism, Bi-polar, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and ADHD.


Back in March 2014, our son was really struggling with his Bi-polar.  He was rapidly cycling, we had him at the hig...

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